Dark Tales from the Woods (Daniel Morden)

Grimm Brothers
Grimm Brothers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were very excited to welcome back to school the great storytellers, Daniel Morden and Oliver Wilson-Dickson, on Monday 3rd December.  Daniel and Oli came to see us for the first time last year (check out this entry here), and because they wowed us then with their telling of the Brothers Grimm tale, The Lucky Child, we invited them back to tell us a story from Daniel’s collection of folk talesDark Tales from the Woods.  During the week preceding their visit, we visited the English classes of our Year 7 pupils, to remind them how storytelling is important for the passing down of knowledge, traditions, morals and language followed by a telling of another of Daniel’s stories: The King of the Herrings.  The children told us that they really enjoyed this story, which boded well for the day when the storytellers came…  Daniel warmed us all up by illustrating how telling stories can be similar to telling lies which were really outrageous, everyone laughed and then we were delighted with Oli’s contributions both to the story and by playing his violin to accompany the story and sing.  How easy is it to play the violin at the same time as singing, I wonder?  Such talented people!  After a fabulous morning, Daniel went on to prepare for a storytelling event at the Crick Crack Club, based at the Soho Theatre, Dean Street, London…