Holiday reading (2)

Welcome to our second blog entry covering our Christmas reads… This time we are featuring books read by Miss Anderson, one of our excellent Drama teachers.  She, too, has been intrigued by history, but her choices are the fictional accounts of two of Henry VIII’s wives by Alison Weir – Katherine of Aragon : the true queen and Anne Boleyn : a King’s obsession.  Miss Anderson says:

“These are the first two in her [Alison Weir’s] ‘Six Tudor Queens’ series, which she is currently writing, and I have been completely hooked! She is a vivid story-teller, bringing the era and the characters to life superbly. A wonderful read for anyone interested in the Tudor era.”

It is said that Alison Weir weaves her well-grounded historical research with her vivid imagination to portray the characters of these first two wives of Henry VIII as full and rich, not only with wealth but also with spirit.  She depicts two young women who are determined, and seek to fight for their rights, and those of their children.  Both destined to be queens, and interesting characters in their own rights, the novels show how they lived, being married to one of the most famous (or infamous?) King in history.

Please send us your thoughts if you have enjoyed Alison Weir’s novels, and leave your recommendations for further reading.