Le premier jour du reste de ta vie (Film: The first day of the rest of your life)

This is a wonderful French film shown yesterday evening (Wednesday 17th March) at the equally wonderful Rex Cinema.  It tells the story of a family growing up where each family member has his or her own day defining the beginning of the rest of their lives.  It covers a time span of twelve years and begins with eldest son, Albert, taking the decision to move out of the family home and have his dog put down, and that same day, finds the girl whom he is to marry.  For each family member, the story continues to take them through each day which is important to them, whether it be their 16th birthday (Fleur), the day grandfather offers to teach younger son, Raphael, about wine, the car accident which almost kills mother Marie-Jeanne or the day when father Robert learns of his life-threatening illness.

‘Le premier jour…’  is beautifully and tenderly filmed, showing plenty of humour and typical French wit.  I’m about to buy a copy of the DVD…!