A Week in December (Sebastion Faulks)

sebastian faulks

On Monday 8th April this year, a colleague and I went to the British Library to hear Sebastian Faulks in conversation with Steven Gale, which proved to be a fascinating and extremely enjoyable evening, forming part of the Cityread London month-long reading event.  Ostensibly, Faulks was talking about his novel A Week in Decemberwhat inspired him to write it and how he writes…  You can listen to a podcast of the event by following this link.

Faulks told how he wanted to write a contemporary novel set in London, reflecting the make-up of today’s society, which he certainly accomplishes with A Week in December.  He weaves the stories of his protagonists together, we see how their lives are disparate to begin with and intertwined by the end.  The focus is very much on what happens in a modern city from many perspectives: the financial and banking sector; the daily business of a politician and his wife;  the musings of a book critic;   and the lives of a female tube driver and her barrister her when she is faced with a court case concerning a surviving ‘jumper’.

We, together with two hundred fellow readers, sat down in the conference centre at the Library to enjoy about an hour and thirty minutes listening to one of Britain’s best authors talk and answer questions.  His deep and resonant voice was easy to listen to and we got a lot out of the evening. Who can resist, after hearing an author speak, buying one of his books and then have him sign it?  We both did, along with most of the audience, it was a great way to end the evening!

a possible life a week in december