World Book Day 2018 #inthesnow

Along with many schools around the country, we celebrated World Book Day last week on Thursday 1st March, and managed to squeeze in our celebrations just before the snow hit Berkhamsted!  Both libraries were full much of the day with classes coming in to share with us their favourite books and play a few games associated with reading and learning.

Firstly, we asked everyone (including new members of staff) to tell us about their favourite books on a postcard. There was a prize in each class for the best cards – we judged on the basis of the work put into each card in terms of best review, best reason for liking the book, and best decorated card… Each student undertook this task diligently and put a lot of themselves into their cards, as can be seen by the photographs below:

We then played a word game in which old words not used in common parlance any more were matched to their modern meanings – it was felt that we could bring a few of these back!  It was heartening to see some of the students think hard about what the meanings could be.

We had also lined up a game to test students’ knowledge of ‘Textspeak’ (those abbreviations which we all use, but on the surface look meaningless!), which went down really well. This exercise gave some students the chance to enjoy themselves when they wouldn’t usually,  with books around! Sometimes it’s hard to remember that reading isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, unthinkable though that may be, to most… I think some of the students learnt a thing or two from us librarians during that session!

Finally, when we had time, we asked students to interview each other about what they were reading which was absolutely lovely!  It’s always great to see young people enthuse about what they’re reading and sharing it with others.

We had a great day, and are already looking forward to next year, but will clearly be carrying on the good work with the other things we plan and do, with reader development in the meantime.

Divergent (Veronica Roth)

For this week’s blog entry, I have received a book review from two of our Year 9 girls, Molly and Anna.  They had read and thoroughly enjoyed Veronica Roth’s book Divergent. Here’s what they have to say:

Divergent by Veronica Roth is a fantasy action novel based in a different world, with a hint of romance.

The protagonist is a 16 year old girl called Beatrice, known to her friends as Tris. In her world everyone is born into a different clan according to their personality. At the age of 16 they can decide whether to leave their clan or stay. Tris has always felt out of place in Abnegation, her family’s clan, which promotes selflessness and humility. However she is reluctant to leave her family and she isn’t sure if she’d fit into the other clans either. But, no matter how things play out, the stakes are far higher than Tris could ever imagine, as tension between the clans continues to rise.

Divergent is an exciting, fast-paced novel, addressing many issues such as making tough decisions in difficult times, and loyalty to family. We would highly recommend this novel to anyone between the ages of 10 and 16.”