Recipe for Love (Katie Fforde)

Valentine’s Day 2013 heralds the release of Katie Fforde‘s novel Recipe for Love in paperback by her publisher, Cornerstone Publishing (a Random House company). Along with five wonderful women, I was lucky enough to be chosen to take part in filming a television advertisement for the release, which will be screened on Valentine’s day on More4 and several of the Sky television channels. A longer version of the advert will appear on the Random House website.

We had a super day which began with being taken to a pretty house in Balham, south London,  the selected location of filming.  The house has been used quite a lot for this activity, so once you’ve seen our ad, let me know when you’ve seen that kitchen before!  The first thing that happened to us was ‘hair and make-up’ which took quite a while and then we were filmed individually.  I was so surprised to find that, once in situ on my stool, a lot of time was spent making sure that ornaments and flowers were in their correct place, even one petal out of sync with a camera angle makes all the difference!  Did you know that pink flowers appear yellow sometimes?!  Everything had to co-ordinate with our outfits – apparently the trim on my cardigan looked as though it was moving independently of me!  We had been instructed to wear clothes that we’d wear when meeting a friend for lunch and not stripes or bright patterns…  The lunch theme worked particularly well given that we were in a kitchen!

Whilst filming was taking place, we were interviewed and had to remember to repeat the question being asked as the interviewer’s voice wasn’t going to be heard on-screen, not easy for someone with my short-term memory problems!  The production company would then go on to edit the ad right down to just a few words spoken by us as individuals, adding a group shot of us sitting around the kitchen table chatting and discussing the book.  It was a fascinating day and all was provided through our love of reading a particular author’s books.  Being a reader can bring you such a wealth of opportunities…

The book which we raved over was a super read, admittedly destined for the female readers’ market, but perfect for those moments when all you want to do is relax with a book to remove yourself from everyday cares.  It is based on a TV cookery show where the contestants compete to earn a good sum of money which they plan to use to advance their own culinary skills in some way.  Protagonist Zoe dreams of owning and running her own delicatessen and  the other contestants have similar ideas, owning a gastro-pub, a restaurant and so forth, but trouble-making Cher is just in it for the fame and celebrity status she craves.  Problems begin when Zoe falls for Gideon, one of the judges of the competition, and she has to manage her emotions, Cher’s attempts at sabotaging her success and her ability to help others out of crises.  Katie Fforde’s novel tells an entertaining tale, reminding us of the actual BBC TV competitions of The Great British Bake-Off and Masterchef.  Katie’s depiction of character and setting is so inviting that you can’t resist it, you can instantly recognise yourself and people and places you know, making it a comfortable read.

The best things about this day were the opportunity to meet some super people (I’m sure we’ll stay in touch), gain an insight into how a commercial is made and to understand how publishers work with authors on the promotion of their work.  Thank you, Cornerstone, for a great day!

recipeforlove5  Latest update!  To see an online version of our TV advert, please click here!

Katie Fforde
   Katie Fforde