A change in altitude (Anita Shreve)

Mrs Bailey read Anita Shreve’s ‘A change in altitude’ during half term.  Here is a synopsis of the novel:

 Margaret and Patrick, married just a few months, set off on a great adventure, a year living in Kenya. While Patrick practices medicine, Margaret works as a photojournalist, capturing a dizzying and sometimes dangerous city on film. When a British couple invites the newlyweds on a climbing expedition to the summit of Mount Kenya, they eagerly agree. But during their arduous ascent a horrific accident occurs. In its aftermath, Margaret struggles to understand what happened on the mountain and how it has transformed her and her marriage, perhaps for ever. With stunning language and striking emotional intensity, A Change in Altitude illuminates the irrevocable impact of tragedy and the elusive nature of forgiveness. ”

Mr Bailey says:

“African-based novel, Kenya.  Based on a couple’s relationship, and their meetings with others… Very descriptive on Kenya, Nairobi, Maithaga. Wasn’t particularly gripping but interesting if you have visited or want to visit Kenya.”

So for all those of you thinking of going to Kenya during the summer, this looks good…