Berkhamsted School Christmas Reads… (1)

We are all great readers here, as you may expect, and members of staff from all disciplines are represented in our staff book club.  Our Head of Science, Mr Robinson, wrote to me this morning to tell me about a series of books which he’s just finished reading.  This was no mean achievement, given that there are 28, yes, 28 books which complete the series!

This series of books was written by Alexander Kent and recalls the exciting tales of Richard and Adam Bolitho, sailors in the Royal Navy during the eighteenth century.  The first novel in this series is To Glory We Steer.  Here’s what Mr Robinson has to say:

“I finished off a series of  28 books over the Christmas holidays. They are the ‘Bolitho’ novels by Alexander Kent, a nom de plume for Douglas Reeman. I must confess to finding the books rather addictive and as I was reading on a Kindle, it was so easy to buy the next book once I had finished one except for two novels in the series which irritatingly were not on Kindle and I had to buy proper books with real pages to read these!  (Good! What would he have done without the print copies?! ed.) The books are about the life and career of a Naval officer in the time of Nelson. The books were all quite formulaic and I did get a bit frustrated about the constant complexities of his love life and the ever present incompetent senior officer. This said, I got quite hooked and felt totally bereft when I finished the series.”

If you like reading historical stories of fascinating sailors and high seas, these are for you!  To find out more, click here.  Douglas Reeman also writes under his own name, on naval action during the twentieth century.  His main interest focuses on the British Royal Navy.  I wonder whether Mr Robinson will begin his next reading marathon with these more modern texts soon!

to glory we steer





Bookbuzz 2014

Bookbuzz logo jpeg

It’s the Bookbuzz time of year here in the libraries at Berkhamsted School!  We have spread the word amongst our Year 7 English classes and talked with the students about how fantastic the selection of books is this year.  They have had to make some difficult decisions about which book to choose to take home to keep, which books to read in the library and which to swap with their friends.  One of the things that I love most about Bookbuzz is the excitement and enthusiasm shown by all students and their teachers as they talk about the book they would like to receive as a Christmas present from us, the librarians!   It’s also heartwarming to see how the students are pleased to be able to choose something for themselves, without the influence of anyone else.  They have all chosen their books, the order has been submitted, but shhhhhh!  Don’t tell them, the books have already arrived!  We will keep them for Christmas…

I can understand how hard a decision to choose a book can be, especially since all of these books look like a fantastic read for our young people. Which would you choose?