National Poetry Day 2014 at Berkhamsted School



Yesterday saw us enjoying National Poetry Day 2014!   We encouraged students and staff to write a poem on the theme of ‘Remember’ (this year’s theme decided by the Poetry Society) and send it to us so that we could display their work on our Poetry Memory Boards and we are offering a prize for both the best adult and student entries…  Watch this space for the announcement next week of the winners and publication of their poems!

We entertained some enthusiastic students, as ever, in the poetry cafés set up in the libraries on both campuses. Some classes were encouraged to write twitter poems of a maximum of 140 characters in length, which proved very challenging, some were encouraged to think about nature and to be inspired by the clouds wafting by overhead.  In our Year 9 Boys Reading Group, we thought of a memory we had which sparked off a moment of inspiration for some great poems.  One about what happened on 9/11 in particular struck us as being good, especially since the boy who wrote it would not have been born then
; he based his memory on that of his father who was working in America at the time .

We worked outside as well as inside the libraries as it was such a beautiful day…



Author: Berkhamsted School Library

Main aims for Berkhamsted School Library • to provide a central resource for the whole school curriculum • to encourage an ethos of enquiry and discovery • to assist pupils in becoming confident and independent learners • to develop research and information skills throughout the school • to offer resources which enrich cultural values and experiences for pupils, as well as have a role in their recreational life and promote reading for pleasure as a lifelong activity

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