Staying Away at Christmas (Katie Fforde)

Wishing you the best of the Season’s Greetings, fellow readers!   So far this holiday I have managed to complete a work of non-fiction, which has had rather an impact on me but more of that in a later post…  I have also read Katie Fforde‘s story Staying Away at Christmas on my new e-book reader, the Barnes & Noble nook!  The story was only released digitally and so I thought I would enjoy the nook for the first time by downloading and reading it.

Katie’s new story was a nice vignette of how two families unknown to one another come to celebrate Christmas together, and enjoy it against the odds.  Both believed they have booked a converted barn to spend Christmas in and when they arrive on Christmas Eve, are shocked to find that one family hadn’t confirmed their booking.  Forced by circumstances to make a decision, they agree to spend time together and soon find they might like to extend their acquaintance!stayingaway


For the past few years, I have sworn that I would never forsake the printed book, I do enjoy the feel of it in my hands and have believed that there is no experience on earth which compares with turning the pages to reach the end, with a satisfaction like no other!  However, what with more and more of our students and my own children enjoying both the printed and the electronic version, I knew it was time to give it a chance.  I have to say that I am more than pleasantly surprised at the experience, and with the nook came the bonus of fewer books to tidy and dust in the house!  It’s a touch screen version which is so good when you are tired, it is light and easy to use.  I find it easy to download books and buying them from the nook store straight onto the device could not be simpler. You can also download e-books from your local library service, they disappear when your loan expires so you are not faced with overdue fines,nook and share books with other people who also own a nook.  I am converted.  However, I do still love the feel of the book which I can’t imagine to translate to an electronic reader, there is still a place for beautiful books full of photographs, and images…  Why not try an e-reader and let me know how you get on?


Author: Berkhamsted School Library

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