Keeping the school in touch with library matters…

Sometimes we find, in a busy school community, especially one operating on two or more sites, it’s often difficult to keep up with events, innovations and proceedings, so a couple of years ago, we established a library newsletter.  We publish one per term, either at the beginning or end, depending on the news that we have, trying not to bombard everyone with too much information.  We have now worked out how we can share our offering with the wider world and would be delighted if you would care to take a look!  We are open to good suggestions on how to improve it and would love to hear your ideas about sharing workplace and school news.  Please click on this link to read it:

Author: Berkhamsted School Library

Main aims for Berkhamsted School Library • to provide a central resource for the whole school curriculum • to encourage an ethos of enquiry and discovery • to assist pupils in becoming confident and independent learners • to develop research and information skills throughout the school • to offer resources which enrich cultural values and experiences for pupils, as well as have a role in their recreational life and promote reading for pleasure as a lifelong activity

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