Two Master Storytellers come to delight and enthral

Daniel Mordern and Oli Wilson-Dickson came into school to delight and enthral our Year 7 pupils (and the librarians and teachers who were able to attend) on Monday 28th November 2011.  Pupils  had been prepared for their visit during their English lessons last week, and, despite some trepidation (were they now too old to be told stories?) we walked with the boys and met the girls at Centenary Theatre where Daniel and Oli were waiting for us!    They captured our imagination immediately with their introductions and then got going.  They told us the story of The Luck Child, one originally gathered by the Brothers Grimm, and during the course of the story, we participated and were treated to Daniel’s acting out of the story alongside Oli’s accompaniment on the violin.  We laughed, jumped and cheered as good triumphed over evil and our hero outwitted the King…

“This was a superb event for y7 which got both the day and the week off to an excellent start. The storyteller interacted brilliantly with the children who clearly enjoyed his performance, accompanied expertly by the violinist who added mood and atmosphere to the story. The children were entertained by the range of voices, element of surprise and the use of dramatic pauses. The story was pitched at exactly the right level and included just the right amount of audience participation. This was a great lesson in understanding how the spoken word can really bring a story to life and I hope very much that they will be invited back next year.” Mr Maxted

“Brilliant!” Mrs Clay

We would like to extend our thanks to Daniel and Oli for entertaining us,  to find out more about them, please follow this link:


Author: Berkhamsted School Library

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23 thoughts on “Two Master Storytellers come to delight and enthral”

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    1. Thank you so much, we had a really good day with Daniel and Oli, it just shows how storytelling still really captivates everyone’s imagination, we don’t always need technology! They were excellent with the children and everyone, including the adults present, was engaged completely!

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